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West Africa Directory is an online West Africa “Yellow Pages”, listing genuine West African Businesses and organizations.

We do not list non-West African websites and businesses.
West Africa Directory is strictly a West African Directory. If you submit a non-West African resource, your submission will be rejected.

By West African, we mean sites/business that have a West African contact address, foreign businesses with agents/affiliates in West Africa or websites that has West Africa as it’s main theme. However, we do exchange links with non-West African Search Engines and Directories.

Guidelines for Submission

Conditions For Listing
1. Must be a West African Business or have a West African Contact Address.
2. Clear description of type of business or organization. No hype or adjectives permitted
3. Must comply with the guidelines stated below

Sites/Businesses/Organizations we do not list
1. Non West African Sites/Businesses
2. Scam/Mirror sites
3. Sites under construction
4. Sites that promote nudity and pornography
5. Sites/Organizations that promote hate and religious intolerance
6. Businesses/Organizations that are not registered with appropriate National authorities
7. Sites/Businesses that promote unverifiable medical cures/remedies
8. Sites that promote get-rich-quick schemes
9. Sites/Businesses/Organizations that carry out any illegal or unethical activities.

West Africa Directory is human edited.

If you meet the above guidelines, Click Here to proceed with your submission